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Our Top Tips for Taking Pictures After a Fresno Car Accident

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You have probably heard or read about the steps to take after a car accident. You know that you need to call 911 to request a police officer and emergency medical services if needed. You even know that you need to take pictures of the car accident, but why do attorneys advise you to take pictures.

Taking pictures after a Fresno car accident can help you later when you file a car accident claim in several ways. Some of the benefits of taking pictures after a car accident include:

  • Photographs can help prove fault
  • Photographs are harder to dispute
  • Photographs can help prove damage
  • Photographs can help demonstrate the severity of the crash by highlighting the damage to the vehicles
  • Photographs of injuries immediately after a crash can strengthen your claim by tying injuries to the collision

You should only take photographs if it is safe to do so and you will not place others in harm’s way. Also, we recommend that you use the video application on your cell phone to make a video of the accident scene, in addition to taking photographs.

Our Tips for Taking Photographs and Making Videos

  • Try to take photos from various angles and points of view, including close-up photos to show damage or other details relevant to the accident.
  • Make sure to include photos of any skid marks or lack of skid marks when you photograph the angles where the cars collided.
  • Include photos of traffic signs, traffic signals, and other objects that could be pertinent to proving how the accident occurred.
  • Photograph all cars that were involved in the accident.
  • Take photos of any injuries sustained at the accident. It is also a good idea to continue taking pictures of your injuries during your recovery, especially if you need surgery and have extensive scarring.
  • If a witness does not want to stay, but is willing to make a statement and provide contact information, make a video of the statement for your attorney.

It can be difficult to think clearly right after a car accident. However, making mistakes at the accident scene or in the weeks following the crash can make it more difficult to recover compensation for your injuries. For instance, admitting guilt or saying you are sorry at the accident scene can make it more difficult to argue the other driver was at fault. Forgetting to take pictures or delaying medical attention can also impact your accident claim.

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A Fresno car accident attorney can help you avoid mistakes that can result in a denial of claim or an unnecessary delay in paying your claim. If you have questions or you just do not know what to do after a car accident, our lawyers are here to help you.

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