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The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the United States.  Whether it is road or bridge construction or building a new school, apartment building, or housing community, construction sites are frequent throughout Fresno County. Unfortunately, construction sites are some of the most dangerous places, for workers and visitors. Even with precautions and strict adherence to all safety protocols, construction accidents still occur.

Thousands of people are killed or injured in construction accidents each year. Whether you are a worker or a visitor on a construction site, if you are injured in an accident, you have legal rights. Our Fresno construction accident attorneys can evaluate your case to determine the best option for you to recover money for your injuries and damages. Call for your free consultation with a construction accident attorney in Fresno County.

OSHA’s Fatal Four for Construction Sites

According to OSHA, there are four common causes of fatalities on construction sites. These causes, known as the “Fatal Four,” were responsible for over one-half (63.7%) of fatalities in the construction industry during 2016.

The four top causes of construction accident fatalities in order of the most common are:

  • Falls represented 38.7 percent of construction fatalities in 2016
  • Being struck by an object represented 9.4 percent of construction fatalities in 2016
  • Electrocutions represented 8.3 percent of the construction fatalities in 2016
  • Caught-in/between equipment or other objects represented 7.3 percent of the construction fatalities in 2016

In addition to the thousands of deaths each year, thousands of workers and others suffer non-life-threatening injuries on construction sites each year.

Even though injuries may not be life-threatening, the victims can suffer long-term or permanent disabilities and impairments. In some cases, an accident victim may not be able to return to work or perform the tasks necessary to take care of himself from day-to-day. It is very important to seek compensation to pay medical bills, lost wages, and necessary living expenses if you have been injured on a construction site.

Determining Fault for a Construction Accident

The first step is to determine fault for the construction accident. Workers injured during the course of employment should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. However, workers’ compensation insurance only covers a portion of lost wages. In some cases, a worker may receive benefits for a permanent impairment or disability.

However, accidents on construction sites are caused by a variety of factors. The factors involved in the accident determine who is liable for damages. An injured worker could have a third-party claim against another party for a defective part or intentional act. It is important to contact an attorney who has experience handling construction accidents to determine who is liable so that you can recover the maximum compensation available from all sources.

Contact a Fresno Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

Whether you are an injured worker hurt in a construction accident or a visitor who was hurt on a construction site, the attorneys of Torem & Associates can help. We will investigate the accident, determine the cause, identify the liable parties, and help you file a claim or claims to ensure you are receiving all benefits entitled to you under the law.

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