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How is an MRI Used in My Fresno Car Accident Claim?

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Being injured in a car accident can result in a variety of injuries. In some cases, those injuries are not easily diagnosed, even with X-rays, CT scan, or other diagnostic tests. However, your doctor may choose to use an MRI to diagnose soft tissue and other injuries. It is very important to seek medical attention after being involved in a car accident. Even though you may only be experiencing a few aches and pains right now, those symptoms could be an indication of a more serious injury.

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What is an MRI?

Doctors use an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging test to diagnose several injuries and illnesses. The MRI machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce images for the doctor to review. The non-invasive diagnostic test allows your doctor to view detailed images that can reveal quarter-inch thick “slices” or images of various sections of your body.

Because your doctor can view such a detailed image of your body, he can diagnose injuries that may not be shown on CT scans or X-rays. Examples of the types of injuries that an MRI may diagnose following a motor vehicle accident include:

  • Injury to internal organs, including your lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, and bladder
  • Detect brain injuries, including damage to the brain tissue and bleeding
  • Injuries to the bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage of the joints that are often injured in car accidents such as the knees
  • Fractures and broken bones that are not detected by an X-ray
  • Damage to the discs and nerves of the spinal cord and other spine injuries

Diagnosing your injury correctly is crucial in developing a treatment plan that gives you the best chance of achieving a full recovery. In addition, diagnosing your injuries correctly is essential for your accident claim. We need to include all injuries and conditions caused by the traffic accident to maximize your compensation.

Compensation in a Fresno Car Accident Claim

We cannot obtain compensation for injuries that are unknown. Furthermore, you cannot recover compensation for injuries that you may discover after you sign a settlement agreement and accept funds pursuant to the settlement. Do not allow an insurance adjuster to pressure you to accept a quick settlement before you speak with an attorney because you could receive a much lower settlement amount than you deserve.

Therefore, it is crucial that we work closely with your doctor to ensure that all tools are used to diagnose each injury sustained in the car accident. Our Fresno personal injury lawyers can provide you with the guidance, support, and legal counsel you need as you proceed through your recovery to protect your legal right to full compensation.

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