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Filing Lawsuits After Camp Fire & Woolsey Fires Devastate California

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Evacuation orders have finally been lifted in Malibu due to the raging Woolsey Fire, but not before it devastated a wide swath of land. Meanwhile, in Northern California, the Camp Fire is only marginally contained. At this time, more than 600 people have been reported missing and another 60+ fatalities have been confirmed due to the blaze, which is the worst wildfire in the state’s history.

Reported damages caused by each fire:

  • Camp Fire:
    • At least 140,000 acres burned
    • At least 63 deaths, possibly 66 at the time of this reporting
    • Approximately 630 people reported missing
    • Approximately 11,860 homes and other structures destroyed
  • Woolsey Fire:
    • More than 98,000 acres burned
    • 3 deaths confirmed by authorities
    • More than 600 homes and structures destroyed
    • Estimated 57,000 structures still in danger

Who Caused the Camp Fire & Woolsey Fire?

At this time, investigators have not announced a definitive source for either the Camp Fire in Butte County or the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles County. However, there is strong speculation that Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) transformers and powerlines may be to blame for the Camp Fire. PG&E stated there was a report of a damaged transmission tower in the region the Camp Fire originated, and only minutes before the first calls of a fire were received.

Last year, PG&E was implicated as the liable party for 80% of the major wildfires in California, including the devastating Wine County fires. Poorly-maintained transformers and vegetation allowed to grow immediately adjacent or atop electrical equipment are believed to be the direct causes of that particular wildfire. The company is expected to pay upwards of $15 billion in damages for the 2017 blazes. PG&E is reportedly expecting to be implicated in the Camp Fire and is bracing for massive fiscal penalties that may even threaten bankruptcy.

(More information about the ongoing California wildfires and their causes can be found by clicking here and here to visit full articles from CBS News and The New York Times, respectively.)

Legal Help for Survivors of the Woolsey & Camp Fires

At Torem & Associates, we are currently looking into both the Woolsey and Camp Fires. As proud Californians with law offices in the north and south sides of the state, we want to help in any way we can. As exemplary injury attorneys, we know it may fall upon us to represent people who have lost their property and/or loved ones in these tragic fires. If liability is placed on PG&E for the negligent maintenance of its powerlines, transformers, and transmission towers, then you may be able to file a claim against them for deserved compensation.

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