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Reasons to Hire Your Own Personal Injury Lawyer

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Despite what everyone would like to believe, we do live in a country where accidents can, and very much will, happen at one point or another. People work in a variety of environments that could be deemed dangerous, or perhaps don’t look both ways before crossing the street, or, more commonly, a slip and a fall may occur while simply walking through the grocery store. In these instances, someone is typically at fault for the accident and subsequent injury that occurs. That personal injury will often times lead to high medical bills, debt, loss of work hours, and more than enough stress for an entire family to handle on their own.

In most personal injury cases, the injured party will want to, and absolutely should, look into hiring their own personal injury attorney. This attorney, who is specialized in such cases, should be experienced in the state’s laws for personal injury victims. The attorney will support you throughout the entire process, advise you on the situation, and manage the legal portion of the case, including paperwork, the court hearing, and the settlement with the responsible party. A lot of times, big-name companies who are responsible for an injured party will settle out of court to avoid loss of face. This can cost quite a bit of money, but not nearly as much as bringing in a team of lawyers for a court hearing.

Your Personal Injury Claim

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be capable of handling cases just like yours by starting from the very beginning of the situation. The lawyer, upon hearing your side of the story, can easily determine whether or not the case is worth pursuing or if it should simply be dropped. They can also decide whether or not the injured party should try to settle out of court or take the responsible party to court.

When it comes to making a claim, most everyday people don’t fully understand how much money they should fight for or receive from a personal injury claim. There are tools and calculators available online to determine one’s worth in such a case, but an experienced lawyer can do that and much more during a simple consultation visit, which, for Torem and Associates, is always free.

To decide upon your specific claim, the lawyer will look into every little detail pertaining to the case – from your injuries to the scene of the incident. The tiniest bit of information can lead to this attorney taking the case on or not.

The Legal Process

Let’s face it, most people these days have zero clue how to handle themselves in a court of law. The law is a foreign body for most, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This is where a professional attorney comes into play. You see, there are documents to file with the court, forms to properly complete, and the statute of limitations to take into account before moving forward.

If you choose not to hire a lawyer and prefer to represent yourself in a court of law, you’d be making a massive mistake, frankly. The insurance companies understand the law. They will use this lack of knowledge against you in the court and win the case for themselves, effectively paying nothing in the long run for any damages.

Personal Injury Case Settlements

If the company chooses to settle out of court, then a large settlement can be had for the injured individual. Your professional personal injury lawyer can haggle for a larger settlement, depending on your injuries, loss of income from missing work, and emotional damages due to the situation. This is generally the preferred way to settle a case following a personal injury.

Should the case go to court, however, the attorney on your side can fight for a large damages award. A damages award is a sum of money offered to the injured party for their troubles. The aforementioned conditions will also come into play to determine the size of the award following the court case.

Most personal injury lawyers, such as Torem and Associates, offer a free consultation period to determine whether or not the case is worthwhile. In addition, many personal injury lawyers today will forego any compensation unless they win or settle your case – meaning you are never burdened by any out-of-pocket expense. The money you end up paying your lawyer will be deducted from the amount you won. There really is no reason not to take advantage of such an offer by seeking out a personal injury attorney, especially in the state of California.


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