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Lack of Commercial Truck Maintenance in Fresno 

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In Fresno, commercial truck maintenance plays a vital role in road safety. The heavy toll of long distances, challenging weather conditions, and relentless schedules can lead to wear and tear on commercial vehicles, raising the potential for malfunctions that could cause serious accidents.

Recognizing the indispensable role of regular maintenance in preventing such incidents becomes a matter of public safety, not just operational necessity.

Prioritizing Safety Through Proper Truck Maintenance

The safety implications of poorly maintained commercial trucks cannot be understated. Ensuring regular checks and addressing issues like degraded tires, malfunctioning brakes, or faulty steering mechanisms can minimize the risks of catastrophic failures leading to accidents. Common types of truck maintenance failure that can lead to an accident include:

  • Big rig brakes are expensive, so replacement or repair can be costly. However, when a big rig’s brakes fail, it can result in a serious accident, causing injuries and fatalities. 
  • Degraded tires can experience a blowout and become detached or tread separation, striking other vehicles. In addition, if more than one tire experiences an event, the trucker could lose control of their rig, causing an accident involving multiple vehicles. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), tire defects caused the highest number of fatal accidents in 2020. 
  • Steering that fails due to lack of maintenance can cause the trucker to lose control and cause a serious collision, including a rollover.
  • Defects in couplings can cause the trailer to detach from the cab, resulting in a disastrous collision with other vehicles.

How a Big Rig Accident Is Investigated for Improper Maintenance

When conducting an investigation into a Fresno big rig accident caused by improper maintenance, forensic teams, alongside automotive experts, carefully examine the vehicle’s maintenance records. This scrutiny highlights whether regular inspections and maintenance were conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and legal standards.

If the trucking company employing the driver did not perform regular maintenance to keep their vehicles safe on the roadway, they could be liable for accident injuries and fatalities.

Regular physical inspections and maintenance of commercial trucks are crucial to pinpoint any neglect or wear that could lead to a malfunction. 

Legal Assistance in an Injury Accident Due to Negligent Truck Maintenance

Operating commercial trucks without stringent adherence to maintenance schedules risks business efficiency and poses a significant threat to public safety. Torem & Associates, with our experience in transportation law, stand as crucial allies for those injured in a commercial truck accident. Many trucking companies hold multiple insurance policies and keep their own lawyers on retainer, so when you are injured in an accident, you need the help of a tenacious, experienced attorney to recover the compensation you deserve. 

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