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Woman Critically Injured in Central Fresno Car Accident

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A serious Central Fresno car accident has left a woman hospitalized in critical condition. The incident occurred around 10:00 p.m. on June 2 at Blackstone Avenue and Garland, according to the Fresno Police Department.

According to the police, the woman in her late 20s exited the ARCO gas station and walked eastbound outside the Blackstone Avenue crosswalk. At that moment, she was struck by a northbound vehicle traveling at a speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour. Emergency services quickly transported her to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition. The vehicle’s driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with law enforcement. Authorities have stated that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be contributing factors in the accident.

Pedestrians Outside the Crosswalk in a Central Fresno Car Accident

Under California Vehicle Code § 21954, pedestrians not within marked or unmarked crosswalks are required to yield the right-of-way to oncoming vehicles that are near. Nevertheless, drivers must remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid colliding with pedestrians who may cross the street, even in the presence of close oncoming traffic.

Common Pedestrian Injuries in a Fresno Car Accident

When pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles, the resulting injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Common injuries in a central Fresno car accident include fractures, particularly to the legs, arms, and ribs, due to the direct impact with the vehicle or the ground. Head injuries are also prevalent and can range from concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries, which can have long-lasting effects on cognitive and motor functions. Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis, may occur if the pedestrian’s back sustains a significant impact. Additionally, internal injuries to organs such as the liver, spleen, and lungs are not uncommon and require immediate medical attention. 

How a Fresno Accident Lawyer Can Help an Injured Pedestrian Recover Compensation

Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be a traumatic experience, leading to severe physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens. A central Fresno car accident lawyer has an important role in helping injured pedestrians compensation. These attorneys bring their experience in personal injury law to help victims receive the justice they deserve.

  • A central Fresno car accident lawyer will investigate the pedestrian incident to determine liability. This involves gathering evidence such as police reports, witness statements, and any available video footage. Accurately establishing fault is essential for a successful claim.
  • The lawyer will handle all communications with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters often try to minimize payouts, but an experienced lawyer will advocate on behalf of the injured pedestrian to negotiate a fair settlement. They are well-versed in countering tactics used by insurers to reduce compensation.
  • An accident lawyer will assist in calculating the full extent of damages. This includes medical expenses and lost wages as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Accurately quantifying these losses is crucial for ensuring comprehensive compensation.
  • Your accident lawyer is prepared to take the case to civil court if the insurer cannot reach an agreement. 

Torem & Associates: Pedestrian Accident Cases

At Torem & Associates, our knowledgeable team is highly experienced in handling pedestrian accident cases. For a free consultation regarding your unique situation, reach out to us anytime at (800) 500-5000, available day or night. You can also contact us online. Our primary objective is to secure the maximum compensation for the injuries our clients have endured. Working on a contingency fee basis, we ensure you pay nothing unless we successfully resolve your case.


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