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Wrong-Way Driver Causes Injury Collision in Downtown Fresno

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A collision in downtown Fresno involving a wrong-way driver has left two people hospitalized. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning at the intersection of Tulare and M streets. According to police reports, a car traveling in the wrong direction ran a red light and collided with a Fresno Unified School District vehicle. 

Two People Hospitalized Following Injury Collision in Downtown Fresno

The impact of the collision was so severe that it caused the district vehicle to overturn on M Street, which is designated as one-way. The vehicle, which was occupied only by its driver, was left in a mangled state. The driver was immediately taken to the hospital following the crash. A passenger from the offending vehicle was also hospitalized. The conditions of both individuals remain unknown at this time. Authorities continue investigating the circumstances leading to the injury collision in downtown Fresno.

Reasons Drivers Go the Wrong Way on a Street

Wrong-way drivers often cause serious injuries or fatalities when car accidents occur. Following are some of the most common causes of wrong-way driving that lead to a collision in downtown Fresno:

  • Inadequate signage is one of the primary reasons drivers unintentionally go the wrong way on a street. When road signs are poorly placed, obscured, or absent entirely, drivers can easily miss crucial directional cues. 
  • Confusing road layouts can lead to mistakes, especially in unfamiliar areas or complex intersections. 
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs or those who are overly fatigued are more likely to make judgment errors. 
  • Navigation system errors can contribute, as outdated or incorrect GPS instructions might steer drivers down the wrong path. 
  • Despite the obvious dangers, some drivers might knowingly go the wrong way because they are impatient or desire a shortcut.

Steps in the Investigation

The following steps for an accident lawyer often involve the following:

  • It is important to visit the location, document evidence, take photographs, and note any potential hazards or obstructions. Gathering information about the road layout, signage, and traffic flow is crucial to determining how the collision occurred. 
  • The lawyer may look for surveillance footage from nearby businesses or traffic cameras that could provide further insights into the moments leading up to the collision in downtown Fresno.
  • The lawyer will seek out and interview any witnesses who saw the accident or can provide relevant information. These witnesses can offer invaluable perspectives that might not be immediately apparent from the physical evidence alone. Detailed witness statements can help to corroborate the sequence of events and establish key facts about the wrong-way driver’s behavior and the victim’s responses.
  • Police reports are vital pieces of evidence in accident investigations as they contain the official account of the incident. An accident lawyer will carefully review these reports to identify any inconsistencies or areas that need further clarification. 
  • The lawyer will collect and analyze the victim’s medical records to understand the extent of injuries sustained in the crash. This helps assess the impact of the accident on the victim’s life and calculate potential compensation.
  • The lawyer will also scrutinize the vehicle damage involved in the collision in downtown Fresno. This can provide clues about the point of impact and the force of the collision. Many modern vehicles have event data recorders (EDRs), which can capture information such as speed, braking, and steering input moments before a crash.
  • In complex cases, an accident lawyer may consult with experts in fields such as accident reconstruction, human factors, and toxicology. These specialists can offer expert opinions that strengthen the case by providing technical analyses and supporting evidence.

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