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Our smartphones have become one of our most prized and commonly used possessions, similar to our wallets or car keys. From communicating through texts and using social media platforms to staying updated with current events or playing games, we are constantly on our cell phones for various reasons. Unfortunately, people often use their phones while driving.

If you have suffered a personal injury from a car accident caused by a distracted or negligent driver who was texting while driving, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. At Torem & Associates, our negligent driving attorneys in Fresno, Stockton, and Bakersfield are dedicated to maximizing your settlement to help you make the best possible recovery from injury. We understand that a serious injury could force you out of work and make it difficult to support your family while you’re trying to heal, which is why we will protect your rights and best interests in order to get the justice and money you deserve.

In addition to Fresno, Stockton, and Bakersfield, our negligent driving attorneys also serve and have offices in Los Angeles.

Common Types of Distractions

Distracted or negligent driving has become one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States—even more prevalent than drunk driving accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving accidents result in 3,300 traffic deaths annually. In addition, motorists are at least twice as likely to be involved in a collision if they are texting and driving.

Distracted or negligent driving affects a person in three ways: visually, manually, and cognitively. Visual distractions take your eyes away from the road, manual distractions take your hands away from the steering wheel, and cognitive distractions take your mind away from the primary task of operating the vehicle.

Common forms of distracted or negligent driving include:

  • Using a cell phone
  • Using a GPS navigation system
  • Switching stations on the radio
  • Eating or drinking
  • Grooming such as brushing teeth or applying makeup
  • Picking up or searching for a dropped item
  • Having a conversation with passengers
  • Tending to children or pets
  • Smoking

Distracted driving is also a traffic violation which results in a $75 ticket for the first offense. So, if police officers determine that the at-fault driver was distracted when he/she caused the accident, the citation he/she receives for violating the law can be used as evidence in your case, along with photographs of the accident and witness testimony.

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Your entitled compensation can help you cover medical bills, lost wages, property damage, as well as pain and suffering. With more than 35 years of experience and tens of millions of dollars secured on behalf of our clients, our negligent driving attorneys in Fresno, Stockton, and Bakersfield, and Los Angeles understand what it takes to help you get the most favorable results.

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