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How Can Using Social Media Hurt My Personal Injury Claim?

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It is difficult, but not quite impossible, to find a few people who do not check their social media accounts at least once a week if not several times a day. As a country, we love our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Because social media has become so entwined in our everyday lives, we tend to forget that what we post is not private.

Regardless of how secure you may believe your information to be on the internet, the internet is a public place. You may post something that is only seen by your “friends” but if a friend shares that post, it can quickly go “viral” and you may never know the video of you dancing on a table at your aunt’s 50th birthday party has been seen by thousands if not tens of thousands of people. If you have a strong social media presence, Google yourself. You may be shocked by what you see.

Why Insurance Companies Love Accident Victims Who Post On Social Media

The information an insurance company can obtain from a social media account could substantially hurt a personal injury claim. The Pew Research Center survey in 2015 found that over fifty percent of online adults have two or more social media accounts. The American Bar Association suggests that defense attorneys should consider seeking social media data because courts are rejecting the idea of “social network site privilege” and granting discovery requests related to social media accounts. The information contained on an accident victim’s social media account could be very damaging.

For example, if you are claiming that your injuries from a car accident is limiting your ability to work because of the severity of your physical pain and depression caused by your injuries, pictures of you at the waterpark with your children floating in the lazy river and sliding down the water slides could destroy your claim. Insurance companies are aware of the popularity of social media and you can trust that they are searching for any posts that will reduce the amount of money they must pay to accident victims.

Stop Using Social Media If You Have Been Injured In An Accident

What you consider to be an innocent statement or a very limited glimpse into your life may be the very piece of evidence the insurance company uses to destroy your accident claim. It is not worth it. If you have been injured, avoid using social media until after your accident claim has been settled.

Remove any posts, pictures, and videos you made right after the accident when you were venting about how a driver cut you off and now you cannot work (we all tend to vent on social media). Ask friends and family to remove the information from their accounts and refrain from posting anything about you while your case is pending.

Call A Fresno Personal Injury Attorney Immediately After An Accident

The sooner you contact an experienced personal injury attorney after an accident, the better. An experienced car accident attorney from Torem & Associates can help you protect your right to receive full compensation for your injuries by guiding you through the claims process to avoid mistakes that could hurt your case. Evidence dissipates with time, do not delay.

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