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Fresno County Car Accident – Failure to Obey Stop Sign Results in Death

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According to reports by bystanders, the driver of a car failed to stop at a stop sign causing two fatalities in a Fresno County car accident. One person said drivers “think that just because it’s a small street that they can go flying by sometimes.” The collision occurred at the intersection of Henderson Road and West Lincoln Avenue near Raisin City. Two teenagers died because of injuries sustained in the collision.

According to one report, a Pontiac Grand Prix failed to stop at a stop sign colliding with a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck travelling in the opposition direction. One witness stated he never heard any brakes just the sound of the collision. Law enforcement officers stated the driver of the truck tried to stop. The two teenagers who died in the accident were in the Pontiac Grand Prix. No other individuals were seriously injured in this Fresno County car accident.

Intersection Related Car Accidents in California

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,074 people died in 2014 in California motor vehicle crashes. Of that total, 802 fatalities occurred in intersection related car accidents. Unfortunately, there is no way to control what another driver may do when approaching an intersection. The only way to protect yourself is to drive defensively when approaching an intersection.

How to Avoid an Intersection Related Fresno County Car Crash

To protect yourself and the passengers in your vehicle, when approaching an intersection follow these tips to avoid an intersection related car accident.

  • Never Assume – Never assume that another driver will obey traffic signs or yield the right of way. Unfortunately, as in the above tragic Fresno County car accident, you cannot rely on other drivers to follow traffic rules anywhere including intersections.
  • Slow Down – When approaching an intersection, slow down and look both ways even if you have the right of way. The reduction in speed may give you the seconds you need to take evasive action to avoid a collision.
  • Completely Stop – It is tempting to perform a “rolling stop” at an intersection, especially on a small road with little traffic. However, failing to come to a complete stop may cost you far more than the few seconds it takes to obey the law and come to a complete stop for a stop sign or traffic signal.
  • Be Very Cautious at Uncontrolled Intersections – Uncontrolled intersections can be especially dangerous as drivers fail to yield the right of way. However, these intersections can be especially dangerous at dawn, dusk, and at night when it is more difficult to see oncoming traffic.
  • Blind Intersections – When approaching a blind intersection, slow down and remain alert until your view is no longer blocked and you can see in all directions that it is clear to proceed through the intersection.
  • Pedestrians – Always stop for pedestrians at intersections. Pay very close attention to residential areas where children could dart into the road.

Defensive driving is the best way you can protect yourself from drivers who ignore traffic laws and cause intersection-related car crashes.

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