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Fresno Is the Deadliest City Along Highway 99

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For the residents of Fresno, this is not an honor they wanted. According to a report by the consumer research company, Value Penguin, Fresno had more accidents than any other city along Highway 99. The report placed Highway 99, which runs across California’s Central Valley as the deadliest road in America.

From 2011 to 2015, the researchers found an average of 62.3 fatal traffic accidents per 100 miles of road along Highway 99. Fresno had 34 traffic fatalities during that period. For the families who lost loved ones in these traffic accidents, the reality of how deadly Highway 99 can be is all too real.

Other Facts About Highway 99

Highway 99 also has the distinction of being named the darkest highway in the country. The report cited that roughly 40 percent of the accidents occurred when it was dark. For every 100 miles of road, approximately 26 deadly accidents occurred for a total of 108 fatal crashes during the study period.

Highway 99 ranked second for the number of drunk driving accidents. Fatal alcohol-related traffic accidents occurred at a rate of 16.9 deadly crashes per 100 miles of road between 2011 and 2015. Only Interstate 45 in Texas had more deadly DUI accidents during the study period.

Highways and interstates that shared the top five with Highway 99 are:

  • Interstate 45 in Texas came in second with 56.5 fatal traffic accidents per 100 miles. Along this stretch of road, Houston had the most traffic fatalities with 51 deaths.
  • Interstate 95 from Florida to Main came in third with 55.1 fatal traffic accidents per 100 miles. Along Interstate 95, Jacksonville had the most traffic fatalities with 63 fatal vehicle crashes.
  • Interstate 10 from California to Florida was fourth with 54.5 fatal traffic accidents per 100 miles. New Orleans saw the most deaths along Interest 10 with 89 fatal crashes.
  • Interstate 75 from Florida to Michigan was the fifth deadliest road with 47.2 fatal traffic accidents per 100 miles. Detroit was the city along Interstate 75 that had the most traffic deaths with 38 fatal crashes.

Deaths in Car Accidents

When a person dies in a traffic accident, the loss for his or her family cannot be measured in monetary terms. However, that is the only way the justice system has of trying to compensate the family for the loss. Nothing the justice system can do will bring back your loved one, but it can hold the responsible party liable for damages.

By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, you can hold the other driver legally responsible for the death of your loved one. You may be entitled to receive compensation for financial losses (i.e. funeral expenses and loss of income) and non-financial losses (i.e. loss of support, love, and companionship). Money will never ease the profound grief and loss you have suffered; however, it can help provide financial support for your family as you try to move forward.

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