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Fresno Police Work to Decrease Traffic-Related Pedestrian Fatalities

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According to a report by ABC30 Action News, the Fresno police department is increasing its efforts to help avoid pedestrian accidents. Sadly, it is not just drivers failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians that is causing traffic deaths. Pedestrians are distracted and failing to pay attention to traffic and other potential dangers. Some pedestrians attempt to cross the road while using their cell phones or other devices. In some cases, pedestrians were wearing dark-colored clothing, making it difficult for drivers to see the person in the crosswalk. While many of the accidents occur in the busiest parts of Fresno, pedestrians can occur anywhere.

Police officers are watching for drivers who are speeding or committing other traffic infractions. However, officers are also watching for pedestrians who fail to use crosswalks or cross streets at intersections. Drivers and pedestrians need to take steps to avoid accidents. While the police officers can step up enforcement efforts to help stop individuals before an accident occurs, the officers cannot be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, our Fresno injury attorneys offer the following tips for preventing pedestrian accidents.

For Drivers

Drivers can help reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident by:

  • Slowing Down! Speeding is one of the common causes of accidents involving pedestrians. As you approach crosswalks, intersections, school zones, playgrounds, and neighborhoods, slow down and look for anyone who might be crossing the road.
  • Avoiding Distractions! Distractions are another common factor in traffic accidents. California’s new law banning texting while driving is another step in trying to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents. Put down the phone and other electronic devices while driving and avoid other distractions such as eating, grooming, reading, drinking, adjusting controls, and paying attention to passengers or scenery.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive! Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking or while under the influence of drugs is dangerous for everyone, including pedestrians.
  • Keep windshields clean and free of debris that can reduce your ability to see pedestrians. Turn on headlights at dusk and dawn to help with visibility.

For Pedestrians

Safety tips for pedestrians include:

  • Always look both ways several times before crossing a street.
  • Use a crosswalk whenever possible. Always cross at an intersection whenever possible.
  • Avoid walking at night, dawn, and dusk when visibility is low.
  • Walk in groups or at least with another person.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing, use a flashlight, or use reflectors to help drivers see you.

For more safety tips for pedestrians and drivers, visit the Pedestrian Safety page for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2015, pedestrian fatalities increased by almost 10 percent from 2014. California led the country that year in the number of pedestrian deaths. Drivers and pedestrians can help reduce the number of injuries and deaths by taking steps to avoid accidents.

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Source: “Fresno PD increase presence in effort to stop traffic fatalities.” ABC30 News. Sontaya Rose. January 12, 2018.


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