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Do You Feel Safe Sharing the Road With Self-Driving Cars?

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AAA recently released a report that shows the majority of drivers in the United States search for new vehicles with more autonomous technologies. At the same time, they are afraid of vehicles that are fully independent of the driver.

The report showed that three-fourths of drivers would be afraid to ride in a car that was autonomous and just 10 percent of respondents said they would feel safer driving on the road with self-driving cars. More automakers have gotten onboard with the idea of creating autonomous vehicles, and it has become a race to be the first to introduce this technology on the highways. However, are Americans ready to share the road with self-driving vehicles?

AAA prepared a similar report in 2016 where three-fourths of drivers would be afraid to ride in an autonomous car, and that feeling has not changed for the 2017 report. However, 59 percent of those polled said they would be looking for autonomous features when they purchased another vehicle. Even though they embrace modern technology, they do not seek to give up complete control nor do they believe that self-driving vehicles are completely safe. Autonomous technology may include parking assistance, lane departure warnings, and collision control. A vehicle’s technology may provide assistance to prevent an automobile accident such as applying the brakes or even steering while parking, but the person is still in control of the vehicle.

In this report, 58 percent of women felt less safe as opposed to 49 percent of men. Sixty percent of Baby Boomers felt less safe with the driverless technology compared to 56 percent of Generation X and 41 percent of Millennials. These numbers continue consistently whether adding autonomous technology or riding in a self-driving vehicle. However, over 70 percent of respondents in every age bracket were afraid to ride in an autonomous vehicle with Baby Boomers leading the way.

Technology and Car Accidents

Statistics show that approximately 35,000 people are killed on roadways every year, and the majority of deaths are related to human error. As new technology is introduced, it must be tested to be safe with the goal of reducing the number of deaths on the highways. Before any of the new systems can be implemented into vehicles on the roads, they must pass safety tests from the government and safety organizations. The goal is to ensure that these technologies work together and across manufacturers. AAA plans to test various technologies to find out how well the different systems work together to improve automation and safety.

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