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Stay Safe This Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. Because of the holiday weekend, our roads will have much more traffic as people come to visit our lovely Central California Valley area. As you and your family venture out to enjoy the many activities planned for the Memorial Day weekend, we urge you to use extra caution as you travel to and from your destinations.

Things to Do in Central California for Memorial Day Weekend

There are a large variety of events and festivals over the holiday weekend you and your family can enjoy. According to Central Coast Tourism, in addition to the ongoing things to do in the Central Coast region, several special events are taking place over the weekend. You might enjoy the 36th Annual Civil War Battles, Santa Cruz American Music Festival, 33rd Annual Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational, or the 40th Annual Art in the Park event. Central Valley Tourism Association also has a list of special events happening in May and See California has a long list of Memorial Day weekend events.

Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

It is important as you enjoy spending time with family and friends, you take steps to prevent accidents and injuries. In addition to being extra careful when on the road, remember to protect yourself when you arrive at your destination. Below are several useful tips for preventing accidents and injuries:

  • Heat and Sun Exposure – Even though the weather may not be overly hot, you can easily succumb to heat exposure if you are outdoor for extended periods. Always stay hydrated and rest in a shaded area periodically. To avoid painful sunburns, use sunscreen and wear protective clothing. Before leaving home, review the symptoms of heat-related illnesses.
  • Bring Water and Snacks – Don’t assume you can always find water or snacks at your destination. Carry these items with you to ensure you stay hydrated and nourished.
  • Firework Safety – If using fireworks, review the safety rules for fireworks provided by the National Council on Fireworks Safety.
  • Water Safety – Many of you will enjoy spending the day at the beach, a lake, or water park. Remember to follow all rules and watch young children carefully. Safe Kids has a guide to water safety for parents and others.
  • Alcohol Safety – Alcohol is a large part of many Memorial Day weekend celebrations. We urge you to consume alcohol responsibly during the holiday weekend. If you drink, don’t drive! Plan to stay at your destination or designate a driver if you plan to enjoy alcohol during your celebrations or activities.
  • Pets – Don’t forget your pets during the holiday. Many pets are afraid of fireworks. If you are leaving your pet at home, turn on soft music or leave the television on for your pet to help drown out fireworks. When traveling with your pet, understand your pets needs and plan for them. The ASPCA and Pet Health Network both of tips for pet safety during Memorial Day weekend.

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