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Back to School Time — Safety Tips for Parents and Children

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ABC30 News is reporting that school begins for thousands of children again in Visalia and throughout the Central California Valley area. Two new schools will open for the 2017-2018 school year to accommodate the increase in students in the area. A K-6 charter school, Global Learning Charter School, is not located on the old Fairview campus. Riverway Elementary is the other new school opening to students this year.

Back to School Safety Checklist

Back to school is exciting for some student and a reminder of lazy days without homework for others. For parents, it should be a time to review back to school safety tips with their children to reduce the risk of an accident.

Riding Bicycles to School

Some children ride their bicycles to school. Before the first day of school, you need to take steps to reduce the risk your child will be injured in a bicycle accident. The first step is to ensure that your child is riding a bicycle that is the right height. Also, make sure that bicycle seat is the correct size for your child. If a seat or bicycle is not corrected fitted for your child, it could increase this risk of an accident.

Purchase a bicycle helmet that is fitted properly and securely. Different bicycle helmets have different ratings. Research various helmets to find the one that provides the best protection for your child. You may also want to have your child wear elbow and knee pads to help protect joints in a crash.

Teach your child the California Bicycle Laws, especially how to cross traffic, where and where not to ride, and the property side of the road for riding. You should also ride the route to school with your child several times, especially at the times when your child will be riding to and from school.

Walking to School

Some of the same safety measures apply if you child will be walking to school this year. Make sure your child knows the rules for crossing the street and how to cross at crosswalks safely. Walk with your child and teach him how to look for the “Walk Now” signs and how to understand when to walk on the green light. The NHTSA has tips and resources on its website for back-to-school pedestrian safety.

Riding the Bus

Even if your child is riding the school bus, you need to take steps to keep him or her safe. Walk to the bus stop with your child to teach him or her the safe way to board and exit the bus. For example, never go near the curb until the bus has stopped completed, the driver opens the door, and the driver tells you to get onto the bus. If you need to cross the street in front of the bus, you need to walk far enough to the front of the bus where you can see the driver before you cross the road. The National Safety Council (NSC) has more bus safety information for parents on its website.

Fresno And Central California Valley Child Injury Attorneys

Our attorneys hope everyone is safe this year at school. However, if your child is injured in an accident, the personal injury lawyers of Torem & Associates can help. It can be overwhelming when your child is injured and dealing with insurance adjusters is not something you want to do while trying to care for your child.

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