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Good News for Fresno City College Students Trying to Get to School

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Getting to classes can be difficult for some Fresno City College students, especially at the beginning of each semester. In addition to the issues with parking, student now must deal with construction zones and detours. A new program may help ease the parking issues while providing students with a convenient and efficient way to get to school each day.

ABC30 News reported about a new one-year pilot program between the City of Fresno and the college to make getting to the college campus a bit easier and less costly for the student. Beginning this school year, Fresno City College students who ride the FAX Bus to school and back will no longer be required to pay for the trips. Fresno has partnered with the college to allow the college to pay a lower fare for students.

Students must purchase a student body card to be able to ride the buses for free throughout the city. However, the cost of a student body card is $5 — much less than paying daily fares for city bus transportation. The program is expected to have several positive consequences for students, the city, and school.

  • Students will have more money to spend on necessary items such as books, rent, and food.
  • Parking shortages may be alleviated at the city college as spaces are difficult to find.
  • The bus transportation could improve air quality by cutting down on other forms of transportation.
  • Students will not be required to park miles away from the school and run late getting to class.

Public Transportation in Fresno

Fresno has a fantastic public transportation system, and now Fresno City College students can take advantage of the system without charge during the pilot program. The pilot program could meet many goals and alleviate several problems. However, it could also result in an injury for some students.

Buses are involved in traffic accidents just as all other vehicles are when dealing with traffic, road conditions, and negligent drivers. When a city bus is involved in a traffic accident, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault for the crash. It is extremely important to determine who caused the crash and who is liable for your damages. If a city agency or employee is involved, you could have a much shorter time to file a claim than if another driver caused the accident.

Seeking experienced legal counsel as quickly as possible after any accident, especially a traffic accident involving a government vehicle or employee, is very important. You need sound legal advice from someone who understands the complexities of cases involving government entities to protect your right to recover compensation for your injuries. The sooner you contact our attorney, the quicker we can begin protecting your right to receive the money you deserve for your injuries.

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Source: “Fresno City College students will be able to take free FAX bus rides once fall semester begins.” Dale Yurong. ABC30 News. August 8, 2017


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