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Tuolumne Bridge Opens to Traffic in Fresno

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ABC30 News reports that more than a year and a half after construction began, the Tuolumne Bridge is now open for traffic. The overpass extends from Broadway to F Street in Downtown Fresno and will allow for an additional route to West Fresno and Chinatown. The new structure also allows for a future High-Speed Rail. Easier access to the downtown area is expected with the new two-way street.

Congestion Will Continue to Cause Headaches

While the new overpass will open the downtown Fresno area more for residents and tourists, congestion throughout the Central California Valley area will continue to be a headache for most drivers. Being stuck in heavy traffic is just a daily way of life for many commuters. Some commuters have learned to multitask when they are in gridlock while others use the time to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Unfortunately, some drivers become highly agitated and aggressive when faced with a traffic jam. This aggression can lead to road rage. According to AAA Foundation Research, almost 80 percent of drivers experience anger or road rage in the past year. The AAA’s study revealed that divers engaged in such behaviors as yelling, making angry gestures, speeding, and even getting out to confront other drivers.

Trips for Driving in Congested Conditions

For most of us, it is impossible to avoid all traffic jams. Depending on your situation, you may sit in traffic jams every day. The next time you find yourself facing traffic congestion, these tips may help you avoid an accident or at least headache.

  • Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. A larger “gap” between vehicles allows you more time to avoid collisions in sudden stops. It also keeps you from frequent breaking.
  • Look ahead to anticipate traffic. As you keep a very close eye on the traffic in front of you, pay special attention to brake lights. As soon as you see brake lights, take your foot of the accelerator and be prepared to brake.
  • Use blinkers to notify other drivers when you are turning or merging. One of the problems that causes backups is drivers who never signal so that drivers behind them can slow down or prepare to stop.
  • Avoid distractions. It may be tempting to multi-task; however, distracted driving can be very dangerous in congested traffic where you have the potential for chain-reaction accidents.
  • Leave early. If you know there is traffic on your route to work, consider leaving home early to avoid the traffic. Use the extra time when you arrive at work to talk a walk, enjoy breakfast, read a book, or catch up on your favorite news.
  • Avoid being an aggressive driver Other drivers react to your actions. If you avoid aggressive driving behaviors, it can reduce the number of people who respond in negative ways in congested traffic.

The main factor is to try to remain calm. Becoming upset that you may be a few minutes late does not make the traffic move faster. Allowing congested traffic to cause you to become irritated will only result a higher chance of aggressive driving.

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