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Do You Know How to Pass a Commercial Truck Safely?

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Thousands of people die each year in collisions with commercial trucks. Over eighty percent of the deaths during 2015 involving large trucks were people not in the truck. Of the 4,067 people killed in large truck accidents that year, 2,990 (74%) were occupants of other vehicles and 410 (10%) were non-occupants (i.e. pedestrians and bicyclists). In addition to those killed, approximately 116,000 people were injured in accidents with large trucks.

Commercial trucks are essential for transporting goods efficiently across the country. However, sharing the road with these extremely large vehicles can be dangerous. While truck drivers cause many of the accidents involving large trucks, other drivers are responsible for causing some collisions, especially when passing a truck. Therefore, extreme caution must be used when passing a commercial vehicle.

Tips for Passing a Commercial Truck

  • Pass on the left — When passing a truck, only pass on the left side of the truck. The right side of a truck has more blind spots than the left side of the truck. Therefore, you are not out of the sight of the truck driver as much when you pass on the left.
  • Stay out of blind spots — Commercial trucks have large blind spots in multiple areas. You should avoid driving in these blind spots because a truck driver might not see you when he is maneuvering the truck to change lanes or make a turn. Learn where the blind spots are located on a truck from the FMCSA website.
  • Avoid driving beside a truck for long distances — Trucks can roll over for a variety of reasons including high winds, road conditions, and improperly loaded cargo. Avoid being in a rollover accident by limiting the distance you travel beside a large vehicle.
  • Allow more room when changing lanes — When passing a truck or merging in front of a truck, make sure that you allow sufficient room between you and the truck for the driver to see your vehicle. Signal your intent to merge into the truck’s lane and leave extra room in case the driver needs to slow or stop the truck.
  • Stay back when a truck is turning — Large trucks need additional room to navigate turns. Do not attempt to pass a truck that is turning and allow additional room between your vehicle and the truck.

You may not be able to control all factors that contribute to a commercial truck accident; however, you can take steps to reduce your risk of a truck accident when passing a large truck. If you are injured in a truck accident, you need to take steps to protect your right to recover compensation for your injuries.

Truck companies and their insurance providers act quickly to mitigate their liability for an accident. You need an experienced Fresno truck accident attorney working on your behalf to protect your interests. You deserve to receive full compensation for all damages, including any future damages if you are unable to return to work because of a permanent disability.

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