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Local Truckers in Fresno Protest New Truck Regulations

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According to ABC30 News, local truck drivers participated in a rally last week on the steps of City Hall in Fresno to protest enactment of a new truck regulation. The truckers allege that the new law is aimed at keeping tracking driving habits of truck drivers. Under current laws regulating truck drivers, drivers are permitted to log their driving errors manually using a paper logbook. However, under the new laws that become effective in December, truck drivers will be required to use an electronic device that will electronically record the number of hours a truck driver is behind the wheel of a truck.

Currently, a truck driver must take a break after driving for eight hours and cannot drive more than 11 hours during their 14-hour work window. Some drivers say the new device will not consider traffic delays and a lack of rest stops when recording data. Drivers allege that they will not always be able to stop when the device tells them to stop. It is feared that use of the device could drive up the cost of delivery and that cost could be passed down to the consumer.

Why is it Important?

Proponents of using electronic devices to monitor truck drivers allege that some drivers do not keep accurate log books so that they can drive additional hours. Driving additional hours allows the drivers to deliver loads quicker and pick up more loads to make more money.

However, driving additional hours is dangerous for the truck driver and everyone on the road. When a truck driver is fatigued or drowsy, it increases the risk of a truck accident. By forcing drivers to limit their driving hours, take scheduled breaks, and take mandatory rest periods, the risk of a fatigued or drowsy truck accident decreases.

Truck Accidents are Extremely Dangerous for Non-Occupants

In a NHTSA report earlier this year, the NHTSA reported that over 70 percent of the injuries and deaths resulting from large truck accidents are people in other vehicles. During 2015, deaths from large truck accidents increased by four percent to 4,067 fatalities. Injuries increased that year by four percent to 116,000 injuries. Only 16 percent of the fatalities were drivers or occupants of the large truck, and only 24 percent of the injuries were sustained by truck drivers or occupants of the truck.

Passenger vehicles are no match for a large commercial vehicle. The passenger vehicle simply cannot withstand the impact of the collision with a large truck as well as the large truck. The truck driver usually has more protection than the passengers of the other vehicle in a collision. Therefore, most of the injuries and deaths in commercial truck accidents are other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Because of the substantial cost of truck accidents, trucking companies and their insurance providers aggressively fight insurance claims. They have teams of professionals including adjusters, investigators, and attorneys to protect their best interests. Accident victims need a team of legal professionals working on their behalf to protect their right to recover full compensation for their injuries.

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Source: “Local truckers put the brakes on new federal regulations.” Jason Oliveira. ABC30. October 5, 2017.


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