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What Do I Do If a Defective Product injures Me?

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When you purchase a product, you expect that product to perform as intended without causing an injury. Every consumer has that right. This legal right is a basic element of a product liability claim. If a defective product causes an injury, you have the right to seek monetary compensation from the party responsible for the defect. In some cases, more than one party could share liability for a dangerous product.

Sorting out the facts in a product liability case and building a case to prove liability can be difficult. It helps to hire experienced Fresno product liability attorneys like our attorneys at Torem & Associates.

Steps to Take If You Are Injured by a Product

Knowing what to do after an injury can make a significant difference in the outcome of your product liability claim. Our Fresno product liability lawyers suggest the following steps to protect your health and your rights under California’s product liability laws:

See A Doctor Immediately

In addition to taking care of your health, you want to document the injury for your claim. As soon as possible after the injury, seek medical assistance. Keep copies of all records and detailed notes regarding your injuries and medical treatment. If possible, take photographs of your injury as soon after the accident as possible. It is also good to document your recovery by taking photographs of the injury as it heals.

Keep All Packaging Materials and Parts

Do not throw anything away! Save all the pieces of the product, packaging, and paperwork. It is very important that you protect the product and other items from damage or tampering. Seal the items in a waterproof, airtight container until you can provide those items to your lawyer for safekeeping. If you still have your receipt or other proof of purchase, make sure to place copies of those documents with the product.

Contact an Attorney

You need to learn about your rights and options for filing a product liability claim. Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We can help determine why the product caused your injury, who is responsible for the defect, and who is liable for your damages. Depending on the facts of your case, you could be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, time away from work, physical pain, permanent disability, scarring, and emotional stress.

Keep Detailed Notes And Copies Of Everything.

Documenting everything with notes and copies of relevant documents is important. Keep notes about how your injury impacts your daily life (i.e. cannot mow the lawn, unable to dress children, cannot cook dinner, etc.) in addition to the physical pain you suffer each day. These notes can be very important when filing a claim for pain and suffering damages. In addition, keep copies of all out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury and your recovery. You can seek reimbursement for your out-of-pocket costs related to the defective product, your injury, and our recovery.

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