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DUI Accidents May Increase During the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

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As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, we need to keep in mind that some individuals might get behind the wheel of their vehicle after enjoying too many holiday alcoholic beverages. Thanksgiving begins the holiday season for many people. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving may be a day of mourning for some families who lose a loved one in a DUI accident on California roads. Sadly, some families will not enjoy the holidays this year because a careless individual chose to get behind the wheel impaired by alcohol.

What is Blackout Wednesday?

Scram Systems have provided a wealth of information about drunk driving accidents during the holiday season. Many people assume the DUI holiday season begins with Thanksgiving Day; however; it actually begins with Blackout Wednesday.

The day before Thanksgiving Day is referred to as Blackout Wednesday because this day is the actual beginning of the holiday drunk driving period. Blackout Wednesday is one of the top days for drunk drivers in some areas of the country. This day is especially popular for drinking in larger urban areas. Drinking on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is also popular among college students.

One of the reasons why Thanksgiving Eve is a top drunk driving night is because many people use the evening before Thanksgiving to party because they do not have to work the next day. It is the unofficial beginning of the holiday season, so many bars and restaurants have special drinks and promotions that begin the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Regardless of the reason, DUI accidents appear to increase beginning with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and continue through New Year’s Day.

What Do the Numbers Say About Thanksgiving DUI Accidents?

According to Scrams Systems, the percentage of highway deaths in alcohol-related accidents increase during the holidays. The average percentage of traffic deaths related to alcohol is roughly 29 percent during most of the year. However, during the holidays that percentage fluctuates between 35 percent for the Thanksgiving Holiday and 58 percent for the New Year’s holiday.

Between Blackout Wednesday and New Year’s Day, there are two to three times more people killed in drunk driving accidents than any other time during the year. It is estimated that about 1,200 people will die, and 25,000 people will be injured this year in DUI accidents in the United States during the winter holiday season.

Sadly, 96 percent of the adults responding to a poll admitted they went to work hung over or knew someone who went to work hungover during the holidays. The same poll revealed that 22 percent of the respondents said they felt pressured to consume alcohol when attending a holiday work party and 16 percent of the respondents admitted drinking more alcohol during the holidays than they usually consume at other times during the year.

Being Injured in a DUI Accident Can Change Your Life Forever

If you are injured in a drunk driving accident, your life could be changed forever. Suffering a catastrophic injury or an injury that results in permanent disability can take away your ability to work. If you cannot work, you cannot support yourself or your family. It is important to retain the services of an experienced DUI accident attorney as quickly as possible to represent your best interests and your family’s best interests.

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