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How Do I Get A Copy of My Accident Report in Stockton?

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When you are involved in a traffic accident in the City of Stockton, you need to call 911 to report the accident and request a police officer. It is important that you have a record of the traffic accident for insurance purposes. The accident report provides the information you need to file your accident claim, including:

  • Date and time of accident;
  • Location of accident;
  • Parties involved in the crash;
  • Insurance company information;
  • Witness information;
  • Determination of fault; and,
  • Description of how the accident occurred.

While a police report is not a conclusive determination of fault, if the officer found the other driver caused the crash, the insurance company might accept the report and pay the claim. Therefore, you need to request a copy of the traffic report for your records.

Requesting a Traffic Report in the City of Stockton

The Stockton Police Department collision reports are now available online. Once you access the online portal, you enter your information to access the report. The cost is $15 per report, and you can pay with a credit card. You can still go to the Stockton Police Department to request a copy of the report from the Records Division if you desire. The police department is located at 22 East Market Street, Stockton, CA. The telephone number for the Records Division is (209) 937-8495.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Stockton

If you hire a car accident attorney in Stockton, your attorney will obtain a copy of the traffic report for you. The attorney uses the information in the traffic report as part of his accident investigation. Even though the traffic report may have a good deal of useful information, an experienced Stockton car accident attorney conducts an independent investigation because reports can be wrong.

A police officer may have incorrectly imputed fault for the accident on a driver that is not at fault or only partially at fault. Furthermore, there could be more than one party who is liable for damages caused by the accident. An experienced attorney understands the importance of a thorough accident investigation to ensure that all liable parties are identified, and key evidence is preserved.

In addition to investigating the cause of the accident and identifying the responsible parties, your accident attorney also negotiates a fair settlement with the insurance company. Insurance companies want to pay the lowest amount to settle your claim. The adjuster is not going to tell you if you are receiving less than the full value of your claim. However, your attorney calculates the value of your claim based on all damages and fights for full compensation for the claim.

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