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What Are Dangerous Conditions in a Stockton Grocery Store?

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Slips and falls happen in California grocery stores every day. In many cases, a few bruises and bumps are the only injuries sustained. However, some people suffer more serious injuries when they fall in a Stockton grocery store. When a severe injury occurs, the victim may need the assistance of a Stockton slip and fall attorney to file a claim with the grocery store’s insurance provider. If you fell in the grocery store, are you wondering if you have a valid injury claim?

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Grocery Store Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall claims are covered under premises liability law. When evaluating whether you have an injury claim for your fall in the grocery store, we look at several things:

  • Did a dangerous or hazardous condition exist at the time of your fall;
  • The store had notice of the condition or should have had notice of the condition under reasonable circumstances;
  • The store did not take action to remedy the condition, safeguard customers, or warn customers of the danger;
  • Did the condition cause your fall; and,
  • What injuries did you sustain from the fall?

The first prong of the test is whether a dangerous condition existed. In a grocery store, this could mean a spill on the floor, food on the floor, a loose rug, or over-waxed floors. If the store had notice and did not remedy the danger or try to warn customers of the danger, the store could be held liable if a customer falls. However, you must prove that the store had knowledge or should have had knowledge of the situation. This prong can be more difficult to prove. It is not impossible to prove, but it can be difficult.

Our Stockton slip and fall attorneys understand how to investigate a claim to search for evidence that the grocery store had knowledge and failed to act. The quicker you contact our office, the better chance we have of locating witnesses and video evidence of the accident.

Damages in a Stockton Slip and Fall Claim

When you fall, you can suffer a variety of injuries. Common injuries include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, and head injuries. The amount of damages depends on several factors, including the type of injury and the severity of the injury. It also depends on the amount of financial losses and other factors.

Our personal injury attorneys use all relevant information and evidence to calculate the value of your claim. The insurance company and grocery store will try to limit the amount of money they must pay to settle the claim. However, we will aggressively fight for full compensation of all damages. You deserve to be compensated fully for your physical pain, financial damages, and emotional suffering.

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