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Bakersfield, CA – Semi-truck accident near Merced Avenue kills 77-year-old driver

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BAKERSFIELD, CA – A big-rig crash on Highway 99 on Tuesday morning claimed the life of 77-year-old Seluster Lane. Around 4:44 a.m., the accident happened in the southbound lanes of the highway just north of Merced Avenue.

Lane was driving a van when a semi-truck rear-ended him as he was stopped in the No.3 lane of Highway 99. A collision ejected the driver from the van into the road, while the vehicle drifted into the right shoulder. Lane was pronounced dead at the scene around 4:50 a.m. due to the extent of his injuries.

According to initial investigation reports, drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the accident. The police have not released any further details about the collision, but an investigation is underway.

Bakersfield Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents happen in the state of California more often than nearly any other state in the nation. Over 2,900 people sustain injuries in these wrecks each year. Commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, hauling the dangerous potential to cause catastrophic injuries if they become involved in traffic accidents. This is particularly true when they collide with smaller passenger vehicles. Victims injured in these collisions often face mental, physical, and emotional consequences which are often overwhelming and devastating.

Oftentimes, when you are involved in a wreck, it is extremely likely that it may have been caused by the actions of another motorist. Driver negligence is the leading cause of traffic wrecks across the United States. These types of crashes can stem from drivers who are intoxicated, distracted, fatigued or otherwise engaged in some type of unsafe driving behavior. To worsen matters, injured crash victims are often faced with piling medical costs, forced time off of work, and thousands of dollars in bills to replace or repair their vehicles.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck collision resulting from the actions of a negligent driver, you should consult with a truck accident attorney in Bakersfield as soon as possible. Victims may be entitled to compensation to help alleviate the financial burdens they face moving forward after these often devastating events.

Semi-Truck Wrongful Death Lawyers in Bakersfield

Your ability to recover may be greatly improved by working with a skilled and aggressive legal team in the aftermath of your crash. For close to 40 years the Bakersfield personal injury lawyers at Torem & Associates have helped injured accident victims protect their legal rights after being involved in truck accidents caused by negligent, thoughtless, and careless drivers. Our team of attorneys is highly dedicated to helping our personal injury clients get the justice and financial compensation they are entitled to. After enduring overwhelming consequences that originate from traffic accident injuries, you deserve skilled and experienced legal representation.

When an accident is particularly catastrophic, injured victims may even end up losing their lives due to the severity of their injuries. Losing a loved one under any circumstances is extremely difficult. The situation becomes even more devastating when you know that the accident they were involved in was the result of another person’s careless actions. Not only are surviving family members forced to endure seemingly endless mental and emotional unrest, but they are also often required to spend tens of thousands of dollars on medical treatment, property damages, funeral services, and more. After enduring the loss of a loved one in an accident, caused by the negligent actions of others, families can reach out to a wrongful death attorney in Bakersfield to explore legal options available to them moving forward. The lawyers at Torem & Associates may be able to help you and your family recover financially after suffering a devastating and unforeseen loss.

We have been providing aggressive and effective legal representation for decades. We work hard to ensure our clients are in the best possible position to move on and recover from their injuries as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. 

If you’ve been injured in a collision caused by negligence, contact our personal injury law firm in Bakersfield at (888) 500-5000 to see how we can help you. By scheduling a free case evaluation, we will review the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine what legal options are available to help you get the justice you deserve.

Note: Our team of writers utilizes secondary sources when creating these posts.  These sources include but are not limited to local news reports, police accident reports, and eyewitness accounts about serious injury accidents in Bakersfield.  For that reason, the details surrounding the incident have not been independently verified by our team of writers.  If you locate any information that is not correct in our post, please contact our firm right away so that we correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available.  

Disclaimer: Our firm, Torem & Associates, has worked hard to become valued members of the local business community.  We write these posts as a way to bring awareness to the dangers of driving or being a passenger in any type of automobile accident. We hope that through awareness, people will use additional caution when out on the roadways in Bakersfield and throughout California to prevent being seriously injured in a crash. This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. The information provided in this post is meant to be informational and is not intended to be misconstrued as legal or medical advice. The photos used in the post are not representative of the actual accident scene.


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