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How Much Is My Accident Claim Worth?

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This is a common question personal injury attorneys hear from clients during an initial consultation and it is a valid question that you should ask. Lawsuits can be costly and time-consuming; therefore, you want and need an experienced personal injury attorney who understands how to value an accident claim. Beware of attorneys who promise you hundreds of thousands of dollars during your first visit — attorneys cannot see into the future and the good ones know they must do some work before setting a value for your accident claim.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows he must conduct a thorough accident investigation before calculating the value of your accident claim. Only then can the attorney maximize the amount of compensation you can receive from the negligent party who caused your injury.

Four Factors Attorneys Use to Value Accident Claims

A personal injury attorney uses several variables when determining the value of an accident claim. Four of the most common factors we use in most accident claims are:

The Extent of Your Injury: Obviously, more serious injuries are typically valued higher than minor injuries because the impact of a serious injury on your life is more substantial. You may be out of work longer, be permanently or partially disabled, suffer great physical pain, and endure significant emotional distress. Your attorney will look at all of the variables related to the extent of your injury to determine a monetary value for your injury.

Financial Cost of Your Injury: What is the actual financial cost of your injury? This includes your medical bills and lost wages; however, it can also include missed future opportunities such as bonuses and raises. The cost incurred by your family can also be a variable to consider. Did your family miss work to take care of you? Were you unable to perform certain tasks for your family that required your family to pay another individual to perform (i.e. household chores)?

What Are Your Emotional Damages? In addition to financial damages, you are entitled to receive compensation for your emotional damages. This is typically referred to as pain and suffering. As discussed above, the more severe the injury the greater physical pain and emotional suffering; however, even minor injuries can cause great emotional suffering. For example, a child involved in an automobile accident may suffer night terrors or fear riding in an automobile. This is a compensable damage that the attorney will include when valuing the accident claim.

The Facts Surrounding the Accident: Your personal injury attorney must also consider the facts and details of the accident. Was the other driver 100% at fault or could the insurance company prove that you were partially to blame? Were there any eyewitnesses to the accident who can help establish fault? Does the physical evidence support the allegations that the other party caused your injury? Regardless of the value of your accident claim, if you cannot prove fault, you will not be entitled to receive compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney understands the steps that must be taken to establish and prove liability in an accident case.

Have You Been Injured In A Fresno, CA Accident?

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