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Can I Sue More Than One Person For Causing My Personal Injury?

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When someone causes a personal injury, that person should be held accountable. The person or company should pay the injured victim compensation for losses including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, scarring, permanent disability, physical pain, and emotional suffering. The amount and type of compensation will depend on several factors including the circumstances of the accident, the types of injuries, the severity of the injuries, and the actual out-of-pocket financial losses incurred by the victim.

If the person or company refuses to compensate the injured victim in an amount that is fair and just, the accident victim can file a California personal injury lawsuit against all of the parties who caused the injury. If more than one person or company is responsible for hurting the victim, the victim can include all parties in the personal injury lawsuit. Including multiple parties in a personal injury lawsuit has several advantages.

Advantages of Naming Multiple Defendants in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the case of a traumatic injury that results in significant damages, it is an advantage to have more than one defendant to name in a lawsuit. If more than one party is liable for your injuries, it increases the amount of compensation available. By naming more than one defendant and proving that each party was responsible for the accident that caused your injury, you maximize your chance of receiving full compensation for your losses, damages, and injuries.

What is Meant by Jointly Liable?

The amount each defendant will be required to pay will depend on whether the court finds them jointly or severally liable for the losses. Jointly liable means that each defendant is liable for all of your damages and losses. Severally liable means that each defendant is only responsible for the losses and damages the court finds they directly caused.  The parties responsible for your damages and liability is determined by conducting a thorough and comprehensive accident investigation. An experienced personal injury attorney understands how important this is to ensure the accident victim receives the maximum amount of compensation allowable under California’s personal injury laws.

For example, if you are involved in a commercial truck accident, the truck driver may be at fault because he was speeding at the time of the accident. However, after a comprehensive accident investigation, the attorney may also name the trucking company who employed the truck driver as a defendant. The evidence shows the truck company paid bonuses to drivers who delivered loads early; therefore, the company encouraged drivers to take risks to speed delivery.  Only by investigating an accident can the attorney determine who is responsible and who should be named as defendants in a personal injury lawsuit.

Have You Been Injured in a California Car Accident?

Whether you were injured because of one person’s negligence or whether there are multiple parties responsible for your injuries, you deserve to receive compensation for your losses. An experienced Fresno car accident attorney can work to protect your rights and work to hold the negligent parties liable.

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